Why you should choose Ceramic Implants over Titanium Implants

We are Advanced Dental Wellness Centre and our mission is to help our patients achieve optimal health and well-being. By specializing in a dental holistic approach, we want our clients to leave with splendid smiles, and healthy teeth and gums! However, the goal of my team is much bigger than just delivering great oral care. We want you to do well in life and to use your potential to the fullest. As a clinic focused on holistic dental care, we examine your body in order to find the best solutions to maintain the health of your teeth as well as your entire being. The beginning of the journey to perfect dental care starts from using the right materials. At Advanced Dental Wellness Centre, we select the most natural approaches and the most innovative tools. This is one of many reasons why we prefer using Ceramic Implants. Below you will find more reasons as to why we recommend ceramic implants.

  1. They Provide the Desired Aesthetic


There is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than a beautiful smile. We all aim for bright teeth without any dark coloring. However, the problem with the titanium implants is that they may show up through the gums over time. Your bite may change, and the gums may recede exposing the base, or root, of the tooth as a result the dark shadow of metallic implants will be seen on your teeth. With ceramic implants a natural look can be achieved. Even if the gum recedes, the ceramic implants will still match the color of your natural teeth. This will give you a very aesthetically pleasing finish to your bright smile.


  1. An Easier Healing Process


The healing period is crucial when it comes to implants. Ceramic implants will take significantly less time to heal than titanium. Ceramic implants are much more biologically compatible with the chemical makeup of our bodies. Therefore, your body will go through a much smoother and faster recovery with the ceramic implant.

The healing process is much more complex when it comes to titanium implants. There are different metals present in titanium implants such as vanadium and aluminum. These metals can be very toxic for human bodies and can lead to a phenomenon called “Oral Galvanism”. Oral Galvanism is a process of immersing two or more different metals into a liquid (in this case, saliva) and they automatically conduct electricity.  As a result, the oral environment starts acting like an electrical generator by producing electrical currents in the mouth. Through the process of oral galvanism, titanium implants constantly release metal ions into the mouth and jawbone. Moreover, it makes titanium-based implants corrode over time. These types of chronic exposures increase the chance of developing immunologic or toxic reactions to metals. The ions that are released react with the organs of the body, leading to increased sensitivity, inflammation, allergies and autoimmune disease in susceptible individuals. It can also slowly weaken the immune system of healthy adults and cause some major health issues.

  1. They do not Conduct Electricity in Your Mouth


Ceramic dental implants are biocompatible to the human body. Due to their poor electrical conductivity, they do not present ion release (or galvanism) when compared to metallic implants. It is incredible to observe the gums one month after ceramic implant installation. They look completely natural. It is quite the opposite with titanium implants – the gums seem to be red and inflated even after one month.


By being a holistic dentist, it is my goal to ensure that there are no toxic metals in the mouth of my patients.  There are special tests that are done in the U.S. such as the Clifford-test, Melissa-test, and the Biocompatible-test. These tests help to determine which materials are most compatible for an individual. As a holistic dentist I will work with you to discuss the materials used in treatment and choose the right one for you.


We are also following a special protocol from The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology; as a mercury free dentistry, we are specializing in the safe removal of mercury fillings and other toxic materials.


  1. Many More Benefits


Here is a mini summary of the main benefits of Ceramic Implants:


  • They look outstanding from an aesthetical perspective
  • They are biologically compatible with our bodies and do not cause any harm or negative side effects
  • You will have a speedy recovery·
  • Ceramic implants go through Oral Plasma for sterilization, while titanium implants have to go through radiation sterilization process


The only downside is that the cost of ceramic implants is slightly higher than that of titanium. This is mainly due to the more advanced technology and the material used in ceramic implants.


  1. If you still have doubts…


Some patients may say that ceramic implants are more fragile compared to titanium (metals seem to be much stronger). However, it is the opposite. In fact, it is much more difficult to cut zirconium (material used in ceramic implants) than any other metal, as it requires special equipment and tools.


In addition, I use one-piece ceramic implants. This construction has lower chances of breaking – one piece of ceramic implant is much stronger than any other metal.


We do recommend you doing as much research as possible, before selecting a dentist for your implants. This may include information such as where they got their accreditations, their work and most importantly their work philosophy!


They could be a great professional specializing in a holistic approach but do not forget to ensure they are not using any toxic materials in their treatments and consider how your body may react to certain materials.


We also recommend communicating to more than one dental professional in order to make the best final decision.


At Advanced Dental Centre, we prefer ceramic implants because we are fans of natural and holistic approaches! We help our clients achieve their desired aesthetic while ensuring a fast and easy recovery.