A healthy and stunning smile play a key role in your branding.

It's like your business card.

It shows people you take care of your appearance, have good habits and are highly disciplined. It’s the best way to promote yourself, live your life with confidence, and build an outstanding career.

Advanced Dental Wellness Centre provides cosmetic dentistry
in Northern Miami

Our mission is to provide excellent dental cosmetic services in Fort Lauderdale including ceramic implants, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and lymphatic facials.

 As one of Miami’s best cosmetic dentists, Dr. Lipovetskiy has more than 30 years of experience creating beautiful smiles and changing people’s lives. His goal is to fix not just the aesthetics of the smile but, most importantly, its functionality.

 “At Advanced Dental Wellness Centre we work together with our patients to become a winning team, achieving a healthy and gorgeous smile” – Dr. Lipovetskiy.

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    5 Innovative Ways OUR Cosmetic Dental Procedures

    Can Transform Your Smile

    Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers
    in Fort Lauderdale

    Veneers and Lumineers are the most popular way to achieve a natural looking smile and eliminate the need for more extensive treatment. At Advanced Dental Wellness Centre, we use high-quality materials to hand-craft Porcelain Veneers specifically for your teeth. In just two dental visits, you can have a movie star smile.

    Veneers are a simple and painless way to fix:

    • Chips
    • Cracks
    • Gaps between teeth
    • Minor misalignment
    • Discoloration

    Some benefits of Preclean Veneers are:

    • Instantly reshape and whiten your smile
    • Ultra-thin for exceptional comfort
    • Minimal, if any, adjustment of tooth surface
    • No freezing or pain involved
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    Ceramic Implants
    in Fort Lauderdale

    At Advanced Dental Centre, we prefer ceramic implants since it is a natural and holistic approach. The goal of ceramic implants is to restore your teeth’s function and aesthetics. If you have a missing or dead tooth, a ceramic implant is the best choice for you.

    Some benefits of Ceramic Implants are:

    • Look outstanding
    • No risk of visible grey edges or dark metal showing through
    • Naturally compatible with our bodies, with no side effects and toxic-free materials
    • Provide faster and smoother recovery than Titanium
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    in Fort Lauderdale

    There is no need to be self-conscious of your smile when laughing or posing for photos. We offer an effective and affordable solution to straighten your teeth and achieve a great smile. They are comfortable, invisible, and will fit in perfectly with your busy lifestyle.

    Some benefits of Invisalign are:

    • Light, safe, no metal solution
    • The most discreet and aesthetically pleasing way to straighten teeth
    • More comfortable and less painful than braces
    • Completely straightens teeth in less than 6 months
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    Teeth Whitening
    in Fort Lauderdale

    An immediate smile booster for a perfect personal image and a better first impression. Whether you have an important job interview or special celebration, this solution is perfect for a fast smile makeover. We use innovative technology, such as the KOR teeth whitening system, that helps remove stains and discoloration left on your teeth from beverages, food, and tobacco.

    Some benefits of teeth whitening are:

    • It is a pain-free procedure
    • It gives teeth a natural look
    • Custom made trays for your teeth can be taken home
    • It takes just two weeks to achieve glowing white teeth
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    Lymphatic Facial

    This exclusive treatment helps achieve better results for your smile and gives your face a healthy glow. A lymphatic facial is a flow massage, which helps to reduce toxins and increase the immune system. The massage targets the jaw muscles, which relaxes the muscles of the face, head, and neck after dental treatment and injections.

    The procedure can:

    • Prevent the appearance of the wrinkles
    • Clear skin tone imperfections
    • Enhances regeneration and healing
    • Improve blood circulation and relieve swelling
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      How are we different

      from a typical dental office?

      Innovative technology

      Our dentistry is equipped with the world’s best solutions and the most innovative technologies such as 3D Modeling, NuCalm systems, and many more.

      Highly trained and professional staff

      Our staff continues to expand their knowledge and expertise by constantly attending the best summits, seminars, and training programs offered in the industry.

      Holistic approach

      We use toxic-free materials in our dental treatments and use the most natural approaches in line with the recommendations of international authorities.

      Calming and luxurious atmosphere

      We offer a stress-free environment, with complimentary coffee, tea, and juices, and relaxing massages.

      We love our patients,

      and they love us too

      At Advanced Dental Centre,
      our goal is much more than just delivering high quality oral care. We want to help improve your quality of life
      by giving you the confidence to succeed.
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